How to Reduce Arm Fat Fast

Get ready to zap underarm flab while you strengthen and tone your arms with these six, do-anywhere moves. They'll allow you to quickly sculpt the back of your arms from every angle, while at the same keeping your metabolism revved-up as your entire body works hard to stabilize and balance itself through each move. Try adding one of these into your current program or perform all six and say hello to lean, sexy arms.

1. Chair Dips

This is an effective fat reduce exercise that not only tones the arms, but also the back muscles. For this workout you need to choose a bed or chair, which is a little higher to the ground. Anything that will be stable on the ground is a good choice. A soft cushion sofa may not be the best idea; it will make the toning exercise harder to perform.

2. Counter Push Ups

The counter push up is an amazing exercise to tone arms that can be done using a table or kitchen counter, as the focus of this exercise is on stability. You need to face the counter with your arms on the edge of it and your feet touching the base of the counter. Move back from the counter until you feel your body leaning forward on tiptoes.

3. Aerobic Exercises

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that you should participate in aerobic activity for a minimum of 150 minutes weekly. This will help you burn more calories and engage your triceps. Good aerobic exercises that work the back of your arms and provide a cardiovascular workout include rowing, jumping rope and the use of an elliptical machine.

4. Opposite Arm & Leg Lift

This is an amazing exercise for toned arms that strengthens both the arm and leg muscles and stretches the back. Therefore, it should be included in the ectomorph workout plans for better muscle growth and formation. This exercise is also beneficial for enhancing balance and perfecting the posture.

5. Watch the calories

You need to reduce that calorie intake. You need to start counting how many #calories you take into your body. However, I personally think you should be more focused on the quality of food you take in and not the quantity. Does that make sense to you? You do not exactly need to go on a diet for this one. Losing #arm fat really is easy.


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