Grandma's Home Remedies To Treat Under-Eyes Dark Circles

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Worried About dark circles under eyes? Check this guide Best home treatments for dark circles carefully and following it.

1) Rose Water:

Rose water provides in-numerous benefits to the skin and is highly rejuvenating. Dark circles that are formed under the eyes are easily removed with a regular application of rose water. Rose water has to be soaked in some cotton and has to be gently rubbed over the affected areas with eyes closed. The region has to be washed gently with water after around 15 minutes of application. Positive results will be visible within a couple of week itself. Rose water assists in removing dead skin cells and cleanses the skin pores that is also one of the reasons behind dark circles underneath the eyes.

2) Cucumber:

It is a well-known fact that slices of cucumber assist in providing a cooling sensation in and around the eyes. Not only that, it also lightens the skin colour in that region and helps in giving a fairer complexion. Either slices can be kept on closed eyes, or cucumber can be crushed and the juice is to be rubbed lightly and thoroughly around the affected area. After around 10 to 15 minutes, the application has to be washed off gently with water.

3) Sufficient Sleep:

The primary reason for formation of dark circles is insufficient sleep. Lack of sleep and relaxation of eyes causes great stress to the nerves around both the eyes and blood circulation also reduces to a great extent. Such conditions give rise to dark circles and assist in darkening the skin complexion. Therefore, the best way to fight the problem of dark circles is to sleep for 6-8 hours a day on a regular basis. One should also indulge in Yoga and regular exercises in order to fight dark circles and other such problems. Yoga helps in reducing the stress levels and relaxes the eyes and the brain muscles, which is a prerequisite in order to remove dark circles and obtain a glowing skin. Proper breathing exercises ensure efficient blood circulation and flow of oxygen through all part of body including the eyes, which provides internal radiance and softness to the skin.

4) Potato:

Potato is a rich source of essential Vitamins and contains a bleaching agent, which is essential in removal of dark circles from under the eyes. Two refrigerated potatoes have to be peeled and grated. Thereafter, the extracted juice has to be applied around the eyes using cotton ballsand has to be left for soaking. The area has to be then washed off thoroughly using water and positive results will soon be visible if the process is practiced on a regular basis.

5) Almond Oil:

Almond oil is enriched in Vitamins and minerals and does wonders for the skin. It aids in curing many skin problems and makes the skin look younger, healthier and more radiant. Few drops of almond oil have to be dabbed in cotton and gently massaged around the affected regions before going to sleep. The application has to be washed off with water the next morning and the process needs to be carried out frequently so as to experience best results.

6) Mint Leaves:

Mint leaves create great cooling sensation when applied over the body. It is not only beneficial for the eyes, but also for the skin. It helps in soothing the over-worked eyes and relaxes the nerves and tissues surrounding the eyes. Mint leaves have to be crushed and applied over the dark circles. The crushed leaves have to be left over the affected areas for around seven to ten minutes and thereafter, it has to be wiped off with the help of a cool cloth. Dark circles will start disappearing with each application and the leaves will provide great relaxation to the eyes.

7) Orange Juice and Glycerin:

A mixture of orange juice and glycerin will do wonder in the removal of dark circles. Orange juice in a rich source of Vitamin C and citric acid, both of which are essential for the well-being of eyes. The mixture has to be applied and then washed off thoroughly with water. It will not only remove Dark circles, but will also provide radiance to the skin and make the skin soft and smooth near the eyes. It also helps in the removal of wrinkles and lines that get formed near the eyes.

8) Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera provides innumerous benefits to the skin and body and fights the problem of dark circles. Aloe Vera gel has to be applied on the affected regions of the skin and has to be washed off thoroughly with water. Aloe Vera helps in removing the dead cells and dirt that gets stored around the eyes and also helps in relaxing the skin tissues. This helps in removing dark circles and provides radiance to the skin.

9) Tea Bags and Ice:

Tea bags and ice helps in easy removal of dark circles that forms under the eyes. Tea bags aid in reducing swelling and cools downs the area of dark circles. It fights discoloration and relaxes the nerves adjoining the eyes. Some tea bags have to be refrigerated overnight and thereafter, they have to be kept on the eyes the nest morning. The cool caffeinated tea bags have to be kept on the eyes for around fifteen to twenty minutes and this process should be carried out at least twice a day in order to experience favourable results within a month.

10) Frozen Spoon:

This is the most simplest and the easiest way of removing dark circles and providing relaxation to the eyes. A spoon has to be kept in the freezer for around fifteen to twenty minutes. Then, it has to be taken out and has to be put on the dark circles until the spoon becomes warm. The refrigerated spoon will soothe the eyes and the nearby areas and release the stored heat. This process should be conducted a number of times in a day so as to relax the eye muscles and ultimately remove the dark circles.

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